MBF recently developed a 4G/WiFi mobile router for consumer and commercial customers globally. LittleFoot will leverage 4G and 5G networks for backhaul and provide mobile devices WiFi connectivity. This product is perfect for employees working remotely or students studying from home and want secure WiFi connectivity anywhere. 


MBF Global was founded in San Francisco to develop software technology to assist telecom carriers with managing their WiFi networks and unlocking these networks potential as marketing platforms. Our WiFi as a Service (WaaS) software has delivered management, advertising and location based services on carrier WiFi networks. We initially focused on high density venues (“BigFoot” networks) such as subway/metro stations, plazas, parks, sporting events and music festivals in Latin America. Our current customer base consists of global telecom carriers  such as AT&T,  Claro (the largest telecom operator in Latin America), VTR (a Liberty Global company), WOM and Virgin Mobile. 


MBF's Co-Founders both have over 20 years of experience in the wireless industry and worked together since 2004. When we started in this industry we wanted to "Connect People". What we have learned in the past few years is that "Connectivity Matters" more now than ever. Not only can WiFi improve Internet connectivity, but WiFi can also improve the lives of humanity with education, healthcare and jobs, while bringing us closer together. 

Our mission is to connect the World by providing affordable, fast and reliable wireless Internet globally.




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